The maker of the iPhone is getting into the business of electric cars. Porsche updates its plug-in hybrids. GM looks to the birthplace of Saturn for making electric vehicles. And the Model Y gets recalled, but because of OTA updates it’s not a big deal. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Porsche has updated its Panamera E-Hybrid lineup of plug-in hybrids for more electric range and quicker acceleration—likely also making them better siblings to the all-electric Porsche Taycan and the sports-car brand’s transition to mostly electric by the end of the decade.

A recall of the Tesla Model Y for an issue with its tow package turned out to be a non-event—and shows the continued strength of Tesla’s over-the-air updates. 

Foxconn, the manufacturing partner of Apple that makes iPhones and other devices for the tech giant, has revealed an open platform for electric vehicles, as well as a solid-state battery for EVs due by 2024. 

And GM has confirmed that its upcoming Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover will be built at the plant where Saturn started—in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The plant will be the third to build EVs for GM. 


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