Fisker's forthcoming electric crossover now has a name: Ocean. The new model, which Fisker claims will be the most sustainable vehicle in the world, will be officially unveiled in January. 

Unlike the ambitious EMotion flagship, Ocean will target the volume market with a starting price below $40,000. For that, you get approximately 275 miles of total range, an interior decked out in recycled and vegan materials, and a full-length solar roof which Fisker says will replenish an average of 1,000 miles of range per year. 

Ocean should slot into the conventional compact SUV segment, with an overall length comparable to a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 (or Tesla Model Y). Thanks to its EV architecture, it should offer more interior space and utility than either of those gasoline-powered staples. Fisker has even re-purposed the Ocean's front end to the point where a hood isn't even necessary; the front panel is fixed, and covers up electronic components that don't need to be accessed regularly. 

Inside, the Ocean is decked out in recycled carpet made from regenerated nylon, vegan components made from 100 percent polycarbonate polyurethane with reinforced Rayon backing, and Dinamica "eco-suede" made of recycled polyester and other consumer plastics. Fisker says the Ocean will also utilized recovered rubber from tire recycling, though the announcement does not specify how. 

Teaser for Fisker Ocean electric SUV

Teaser for Fisker Ocean electric SUV

Mechanical details are still a bit sketchy, but we expect that will get fleshed out soon. For now, we know the base range of 250-300 miles can be augmented by an available range extender, and the battery capacity will be approximately 80 kilowatt-hours. The battery is expected to be supplied by LG Chem. As for power, the Ocean will be available in both rear- and all-wheel drive variants.

Fisker will rely on the Ocean for both revenue and brand-building while it continues development on its $129,000 EMotion flagship sedan. The 400-mile EV is expected to make use of solid-state battery tech that is still being readied for prime time.

The latest announcement indicates that Fisker wants to start delivering cars early in 2022, with first builds rolling off the assembly line later in 2021; notably absent is any mention of a production location. The Ocean will be officially unveiled at a private event on January 4, 2020, but eager shoppers will be able to put down a deposit when Fisker's app launches and pricing is revealed on November 27.