Fisker's new mainstream Ocean SUV may still be more than a year away, by optimistic time frames, but the company's marketing machine has been hard at work. Fisker Inc. announced its flexible lease program Wednesday, and even told us how much it will cost. 

"People around the globe will be able to obtain the Fisker Ocean starting at $379 (U.S.) per month via our mobile app in 2022," CEO Henrik Fisker said in Wednesday's announcement.

That's lower than the lowest ($399) monthly lease payment we've seen so far on the Tesla Model 3. 

"We created five easy-to-choose option packages for Fisker Ocean that will be available to our reservation holders closer to the end of 2020. This removes the complexity of complicated option configurators and allows Fisker to offer more unique experiences for less money."

Fisker's app will be critical to buying, owning and maintaining an Ocean. It will even give owners the option to purchase additional services such as insurance coverage or engage in mobility services such as ride-sharing. 

The Ocean is due in 2021, and when it arrives, it will be the most sustainable SUV on the planet, Fisker says. It appears it will also be accessible to many types of drivers, with leasing, purchasing and subscription services all appearing to be on the table. The company says its purchase price will start below $40,000. 

For that, you'll get between 250 and 300 miles of total range, an interior decked out in recycled and vegan materials, and a full-length solar roof which Fisker says will replenish an average of 1,000 miles of range per year. 

The Ocean will be a compact SUV approximately the size of a Tesla Model Y (or Honda CR-V/Toyota RAV4. Fisker hopes to attract buyers who want that sort of space but aren't looking for more premium offerings, or simply prefer the tech-focused buying and ownership experience.