On August 2nd, Nissan is expected to unveil three new electric cars.  Out of the group of three, one is expected to be a compact SUV EV, slightly smaller in size than the companies Rogue SUV.  The unveiling is highly anticipated as the other two vehicles will likely include a competitor to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and a larger Versa sized vehicle that will have mainstream appeal and be priced comparably to gasoline models.

Recent information from Japan's Best Car Magazine states that the compact SUV expected to be unveiled will measure in around 164 inches in length and will have a range exceeding 100 miles per charge.  The size is indeed small, but its range is within standards of EVs today.

The other vehicles, one the size of the diminutive i-MiEV will take it head on when it reaches the market.  This vehicle will likely have additional range capabilities over the SUV due to its small size and low weight.

The final EV, a Versa sized subcompact will be the vehicle from Nissan with mainstream appeal. This is the vehicle that has been discussed at length before.  It will be priced comparably to gasoline vehicles, will offer seating for five, good cargo capacity, a long range, and everyday usability.

At least one of these three vehicles is expected to be built at the newly retooled plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Nissan hopes to achieve a lofty goal of more than 5 million EV sales by 2012 and with an introduction of 3 new EVs just days away, the company appears on the way to their goal.

Source:  Best Car Magazine via LeftLaneNews