Bollinger prices its tough electric SUV and pickup. The VW Golf relaunches with plug-in hybrids and diesels part of the European offerings. The Audi A6 plug-in hybrid isn’t headed Stateside. And we rounded up eight automakers that have big plans for China and perhaps the U.S. and beyond. Are they headed for boom or bust? This and more, here at Green Car Reports

With a very loose definition of what makes a company Chinese, we homed in on eight automakers hoping to get a foothold in China’s EV market—and at least considering the U.S. market as well. For each, we ask whether they’re headed for boom or bust in the world’s largest auto market

Bollinger’s brawny B1 and B2 electric trucks now have a starting price of $125,000. And with a 120-kwh pack, the big, heavy, Class 3 trucks will be able to get 200 miles of range, the company anticipates. 

The new generation of the Volkswagen Golf might not be coming to the U.S. in anything but high-performance GTI and Golf R forms, but as attention turns to the ID 3 electric car and other members of the ID family, VW is focusing the Golf for Europe and other markets toward plug-in hybrid and—surprise—diesel powertrains

The upcoming Audi A6 plug-in hybrid has been detailed by the German automaker, and it shares much with the Q5 plug-in hybrid we drove a few weeks ago. But this one won’t be coming to the U.S.

And Yamaha’s plans to continue developing its own line of electric cars are kaput.


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