You vote for plug-in hybrids as a good solution for embracing electric driving. Fiat's going electric with its commercial vans in Europe. And we bring you a first drive of the Ford Explorer Hybrid. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We drove the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid and found that it puts the priority on capability above fuel efficiency—although it gets better mpg than most of the Explorer lineup.

Fiat is entering the commercial electric vehicle market in Europe, with the Ducato Electric, a version of what we get in the U.S. called the Ram ProMaster. Could FCA go fully electric here with more than the Fiat 500e?

In a Twitter poll, we asked you what families in the rural Midwest—or anywhere outside well-established fast-charging infrastructure—should do to embrace the electric-vehicle movement.

Vehicle traffic fatalities per miles driven dropped from 2017 to 2018, but pedestrian and bicyclist deaths increased significantly.

And Peugeot has revealed an electric version of its new 2008 urban crossover. With a range approaching 200 miles and 100-kw fast charging, it looks like a good pick for the city and beyond. Don’t count on this for the U.S., however. The Peugeot brand is coming Stateside in a few years, not with this generation of vehicles but the next one.


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