Rivian built an outdoor kitchen into its electric pickup. We took a road trip to assess the Audi E-tron's range in the real world. And EVgo is bringing fast chargers to gas stations. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Electric-truck hopeful Rivian is building all kinds of accessories for its upcoming pickup before the model even goes on sale. The latest is an integrated kitchen that slides out of the bed and runs on the truck's batteries. 

Swiss electric-car startup Piëch moved beyond plans to build an electric sports car with specs and drawings for two follow-up models, a four-seat GT, and a five-passenger SUV.

Audi's 204-mile EPA rated range for the E-tron was downright underwhelming. But based on a new road trip with the electric SUV, we have more faith in its real-world numbers and speedy charging.

So far, gas stations have been among the least likely places to "refuel" an electric car. That's about to change with EVgo's plan to build fast chargers at Chevron stations in California.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles got approval to build the first new factories in Detroit in decades. There it plans to build new plug-in hybrid and electric Jeeps, among other models.

Finally, the Center for Auto Safety, founded by Ralph Nader, has petitioned the NHTSA to reject GM's request to test vehicles without steering wheels or pedals on public roads.


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