Rivian hasn't even launched any vehicles, and it's already building special editions and devising expensive accessories for its R1T electric pickup.

The latest is a camping special, not sized for a giant slide-in camper, but outfitted with a bed-top tent and an integrated slide-out kitchen for camping or tailgating cookouts.

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The R1T has a unique "gear tunnel" underneath the front of the bed. It's big enough for a few sets of golf clubs and has access via fold down doors on either end that double as sturdy, flat steps to give owners a boost into the bed.

That is where Rivian installed a slide-out kitchen to wow visitors to the Overland Expo outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, last weekend. 

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The kitchen includes storage drawers and cupboards, as well as a two-burner induction cooktop that runs on the truck's big 135-kilowatt-hour or optional 180 kwh battery.

The removable kitchen isn't the only accessory Rivian has shown for the R1T. At the Overland show, the truck was also fitted with an accessory tent mounted on racks that sit over the bed, as well as a roof rack to mount off-road accessories such as a "come-along" hand winch.

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In February, the company also revealed a patent for various types of removable batteries that fit in the pickup bed, either like a traditional toolbox behind the cab or lying flat across the bed floor to take up a little depth, without impinging on bed length.

The R1T is scheduled to go on sale late next year and be followed by the R1S SUV less than a year later.