Last week at the Shanghai auto show, Infiniti rolled out its new Qs Inspiration electric sports sedan. Chinese startup EV-maker Nio, so far known for its SUVs, its supercar, and a race car, followed a similar path with a new fastback sedan. Karma launched two new models, including a plug-in hybrid SUV and an electric sports car. Kia put a plug on its K3 sedan (known as the Forte in the U.S.), and Honda rolled out a (second) new electric version of its small HR-V SUV. And Volkswagen showed a new vehicle based on the largest version of its upcoming MEB electric architecture, the ID Roomzz large SUV.

Two high-end European automakers also debuted the first prototypes versions of their first electric models: The long-awaited Aston Martin Rapide E, and the Pininfarina Battista.

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In New York, Mercedes-Benz and Audi brought their upcoming new electric SUVs to the U.S. for the first time: the EQC and the E-tron quattro SUVs, respectively. Kia opened the doors on its HabaNiro concept. Genesis revealed its concept of a tiny, two-seat luxury city car, the Mint. Mullen, the owner of the remains of Coda, brought a new Chinese electric model, the Qiantu K50 sports car from China.

For our Twitter poll last week, we asked readers which models interested them most. At the time, our Twitter question was: "Which electric cars are you most interested in seeing from this week's auto shows?"

The runaway winner in our poll was the VW ID Roomzz, in Shanghai, with an outright majority of responses at 53 percent. It's increasingly clear that what buyers want from electric cars is electric versions of the same types of cars that sell well with gas engines, such as large, practical SUVs. Buyers also prefer them to be affordable, not high-end luxury cars with price tags to match.

The Audi E-tron quattro confirmed that trend somewhat and garnered less than half the votes of the ID Roomzz, at 22 percent—even though the car is designed to compete with Tesla's luxury models at a lower price, and has been anticipated for years.

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The other two cars on our list fall into the super-luxury category, with price tags to match, but they've been long anticipated, and each sets the bar in its own field.

The Aston Martin Rapide E will be a track-focused electric sport sedan that may beat Porsche to market with an 800-volt rapid charging system that can recharge its batteries to 80 percent capacity in less than 15 minutes. It inspired 14 percent of our respondents.

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The Pininfarina Battista is one in a long list of new electric super-performance cars, this one the first model to bear the name of a storied brand. Pininfarina plans to produce just 150 of the cars, for more than $2 million apiece starting next year. The Battista received 11 percent of our votes.

It's worth noting that our poll went out ahead of the auto shows, so didn't include some interesting electric concepts, such as the Mint, HabaNiro, and Qiantu. They may have earned some more votes on their own, had we known about them in advance.

For that reason, and because of our polls' low sample size and self-selected audience, our polls are not scientific. But we're still always interested in our readers' opinions.