Tesla bumps up the range of its Mid Range Model 3, slightly and announces it will start delivering Model 3s to China in March. Volvo teases a look at its first electric model, the Polestar 2. Faraday Future flutters its eyes open, looking for its future, as it agrees to a mutual cease-fire agreement with its main investor. Toyota reveals its first fully-self driving vehicle. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla gave buyers a few more reasons to choose its Mid Range Model 3 with an updated range estimate that's four miles longer than before: now 264 miles.

The company also announced it will begin delivering Model 3s to China in March.

Volvo teases a picture and a few more details about its first electric car, which will come from its new Polestar performance brand.

Faraday Future ended a months-long dispute with its chief investor, Hong Kong's Evergrande Health group, giving a spark of hope for the company's revival. The company is now seeking new funding, but with few employees and no remaining executives with automotive experience, it's hard to gauge how much interest it may find.

Toyota reveals its first fully-self-driving system in a comfortable Lexus sedan that might make passengers want to pay to ride in it

Finally, Infiniti gave a clearer look at its upcoming electric SUV concept scheduled to appear later this month at the Detroit auto show.


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