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2019 Hyundai Kona Electric - charge limit setting

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric - charge limit setting

The Kona Electric comes with an infotainment system that’s easy to navigate and responsive and yet doesn’t take up a vast swath of the space around the driver. Hyundai has also teased an entire suite of remote-and-connected features like charge scheduling, climate preconditioning, remote charging management, and compatibility with Google Home, Android Wear devices, and Apple Watch apps. You can set minimum and maximum charging levels with simple sliders—something that’s not possible with many rival models.

We haven’t found any gaps in our initial impressions of an exceptionally well-hushed cabin, damping out wind and road noise, and most of our editorial staff has grown to prefer the more understated look of the Kona Electric to that of the standard Kona. As we said in our first drive, some versions get a little too liberal with somewhat illegible matte-metallic switchgear facing too soon to be 2005-retro.

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If this all sounds abundantly positive, it is. But there are two big questions that remain unanswered. One is pricing. Hyundai hasn’t released details yet, but it says that it wants Kona Electric to start below $30,000 when factoring in the federal EV tax credit.

The second is availability. The Kona starts reaching California dealerships before the end of the year, with East Coast dealerships and other CARB-observant states getting them in early February.

Hyundai says you’ll be able to walk into any dealership and order one, but that leads to one of the key questions: Is the Kona Electric just another compliance car? Or will it truly sell as many as it can? That remains to be seen.

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