Ford EVs are losing money, but hope is on the way with a next generation of vehicles. Mazda shows an appealing electric sedan so far limited to China. Toyota plans a second U.S.-made three-row electric SUV. And Honda is creating another EV hub in Canada. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

More lower-priced Ford EVs are on the way, the automaker said, as it reported a massive loss on its EVs for the first quarter of the year. As executives explained, Ford has managed to cut costs with the Mustang Mach-E EV, but it can’t keep up with the price cuts needed to stay competitive. 

Mazda has applied its design flair to an EZ-6 electric sedan that incorporates tech from China’s Changan Automobile. Although its range figures far more effectively represent what American buyers might seek in an EV,  Mazda hasn’t yet confirmed plans for any markets outside China. 

Toyota confirmed a second 3-row U.S.-made electric SUV—in Princeton, Indiana, starting in 2026. That complements the other Toyota 3-row electric SUV set to be made in Kentucky in 2025. According to reports, the Indiana-built EV could be a Highlander EV, while the Kentucky model might incorporate all the leading-edge manufacturing methods Toyota has suggested in recent years are on the way. 

And Honda plans to create an $11 billion EV hub in Canada. Set to ramp up in 2028, the Ontario hub could potentially build up to 240,000 EVs per year, and see that as the demand for Honda EVs builds, they’d be American-made. 


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