Electric cars require much less maintenance than internal-combustion vehicles, but owners still need to be aware of certain maintenance practices. This video from Hyundai offers five tips for maximizing battery life.

The first tip is to try to keep the battery from discharging to low levels, specifically below 20% capacity. That goes hand in hand with Hyundai's second tip, which is to charge frequently in order to prevent the battery from draining too much.

Hyundai recommends charging every two to three days. This also ensures the car is prepared ahead of time for long trips, the automaker noted.

While driving, it's best to avoid heavy acceleration, which drains the battery more quickly, according to Hyundai. Maintaining a consistent speed, rather than abruptly accelerating or braking, is the most efficient way to drive.

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

When parking, it's best to find a spot in the shade, Hyundai noted. That helps keep the battery cooler.

Finally, lowering the maximum charge limit (which can be done through the dashboard touchscreen on Hyundai vehicles), can also help extend battery life.

Hyundai's recommendations echo those of Tesla, which has seen fairly low battery degradation in its electric cars.

Limited battery lifespan is one of the most common myths about electric cars. Not only do automakers like Tesla and Volkswagen expect batteries to last the life of a vehicle, but some expect them to last longer, and have proposed so-called "second-life" uses of batteries as stationary power sources.

Watch the video below for those tips from Hyundai. And if your car is just sitting parked, like many during this time of coronavirus-induced social distancing, here are some tips for this situation specifically.