California clean air regulators held a reportedly contentious meeting with Trump administration officials over the proposal to roll back fuel economy standards. A wide survey of Americans told researchers that they're dissatisfied with the fuel economy their cars get now, implying they might want cars to improve. A new report links California's economic growth to its efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, owners of 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Volkswagen diesels have just two days to file for legal settlements against the automaker. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

After the Trump administration proposed to freeze increases in federal fuel economy standards and California sued and said it wouldn't follow the proposal, federal and state regulators met to discuss their differences. All they've agreed on so far is to keep meeting.

Americans told surveyors in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index that the least satisfying aspect of their new cars is their fuel economy. Perhaps higher standards or more electric cars would make a difference.

A new report done in preparation for the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco next month links the state's booming economy to its efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Owners of 4-cylinder diesels implicated in Volkswagen's's emissions cheating scandal have just two days to file claims against the company. So far, almost 10 percent of owners haven't.

Chinese electric carmaker Byton has begun testing its electric SUV on public roads in China. The car is scheduled to go on sale next year. 

Finally, a new IIHS study shows that when a city lowers speed limits, drivers don't necessarily follow them—but they do slow down.


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