Two more days. That's all the time owners of 2.0-liter diesel VWs have to file claims to receive a large financial settlement and to have their cars repaired to meet emissions standards.

TDI owners have had plenty of notice to file paperwork to receive a financial settlement to replace or fix their cars, yet the latest report from the class action claims administrator shows that almost 10 percent of owners have not done so.

Nationally, 91.1 percent of owners of 2.0-liter VW turbodiesels have filed to receive claims benefits as of Aug. 19. Among California owners the number was slightly higher at 92.2 percent.

It's unclear how many claims may have been filed since, or what the holdouts might be waiting for.

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When the diesel emissions cheating scandal first emerged, many Volkswagen TDI owners said they were so pleased with their cars' performance and fuel economy that they might not sell them back or have them repaired.

Reports from owners who have had their cars repaired, as well as independent tests, have mainly indicated that the cars' performance wasn't compromised although their fuel economy was somewhat diminished.

Of those who have received the settlement, more than three-quarters have sold their cars back to Volkswagen.

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Owners are eligible for at least $5,100 in addition to having their cars bought back for cash or upgraded for free. Even with somewhat diminished fuel economy, it would take an awful lot of miles to recoup that cost.

Owners who file claims must do so by Sept. 1, and have until Dec. 1 to choose whether to have Volkswagen buy back or repair their cars. All repairs or buybacks must be complete by the end of December.

Those who own 3.0-liter V-6 TDI models have one more year.