The VW TDI settlement nears completion. Elon Musk reveals more details about his privatization plan for Tesla. And Electrify America rolls out the "Jetstones" to promote electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Owners of 2.0-liter VW TDI models have until Sept. 1 to file for settlements with the company over the diesel emissions cheating scandal. Owners are eligible for at least $5,100.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Saudi interest in his plan to take the company private in a new letter to shareholders.

Electrify America released its first ad for electric cars that riffs on two age-old cartoons, "The Flintstones," and "The Jetsons." You can guess which one is driving an electric car.

Amazon will bring its Alexa voice assistant to more upcoming cars, so more drivers can order stuff from the road.

Finally, Subaru is giving some owners of its Ascent crossover SUV new cars in a recall after it found faulty body welds.