Today, we've got a startling proposal from Blink, more concerns over China trouncing the U.S. in electric cars, info from India on its future ban on new cars with engines, and a video showing what a 49-inch display in a car looks like. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, as we do every seven days, we ran down last week's most important green-car stories.

We updated an earlier story to note that the Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid SUV is expected to debut at the Geneva auto show in March.

We have a bit more information on how India will implement its 2030 ban on new vehicles with combustion engines: partnerships and incentives.

One of the technologies that made the 2019 Chevy Silverado pickup more fuel-efficient came from a small Silicon Valley startup that GM bought back in 2012.

Members of the Blink charging-station network didn't all react with approval when they received a pitch offering to sell them shares of the company.

Concern over whether China's auto industry will displace the U.S. in electric-car leadership seem to be spreading.

California electric utility PG&E has started the installation of 7,500 electric-car charging stations. What's your utility done for you lately?

We've got the video from the first ride in a Byton all-electric SUV, which the Chinese maker says will go on sale in 2019 at a starting price of $45,000.

The Jaguar XJ large luxury sedan will transform into a Tesla Model S rival, according to new reports from the U.K.

Finally, Jay Leno offers some sound advice if you're planning to buy a car: Listen to the experts. They tend to know what they're talking about.


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