Today, we've got a drive report on the largest electric vehicle we've ever piloted, some patents on solid-state batteries from Fisker, California's powerful air-quality agency expanding, and more deals on smaller cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra yesterday teased more details of its future electric cars, and hinted at a small crossover based on the Bolt EV underpinnings.

It won't offer them on the first Fisker EMotion electric luxury sedan, but Henrik Fisker's latest company got a patent on solid-state battery technology, which it still expects to use eventually.

With cheap gas and better fuel economy in every type of vehicle driving buyers toward SUVs and crossovers, small-car bargains abound these days. We run through some of them.

The powerful California Air Resources Board broke ground on a new headquarters building that will allow it to test emissions from every class of vehicle.

(Irony alert: that building is partially funded by penalties paid by VW Group as part of the Volkswagen diesel scandal. Heh.)

Korean maker Hyundai will launch an onslaught of SUVs that includes not only conventional engines but also hybrids, all-electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell models.

Finally, the Chanje electric cargo van is the largest electric vehicle we've ever driven. Much nicer than its diesel counterparts, say the professional drivers who use them every day.


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