First-hand details about the Tesla Model 3 remain almost as rare as the cars themselves; Tesla has built only a few hundred Model 3 electric cars since its launch in July

Now a new video provides an incredibly in-depth look at Tesla's mass-production car, though we suspect it may have been approved by the company.

It gives us a detailed look at the finer details owners can expect from the 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range variant.

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Diving into the video, which is more than an hour long, reveals insight into such features as the interior cluster, ergonomics, build quality, and much more.

The Model 3 Owners' Club took the time to comb over the highly anticipated electric car in depth, and the half-million or so viewers thus far will know a lot more about the car than they did before watching.

One of the more notable details are the aero ducts that route air in and around the car for greater efficiency.

Tesla Model 3 via Model 3 Owners' Club video

Tesla Model 3 via Model 3 Owners' Club video

The design feature debuted on the Model 3 "concept" vehicle, and remained all the way into production. It also helps break up the grille-less front fascia. 

The video shows how to unlock and open the the Model 3's flush door handles as well.

Most of the time, owners simply need the Tesla smartphone app, which will unlock the car's doors as the driver approaches.

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However, a keycard works as a backup. The driver simply waves the card near the Model 3's center roof pillar and the doors will unlock.

Inside, the doors feature a door-opener via a button, which is arguably a simpler operation.

If the electronics fail, a backup mechanical latch resides under the driver armrest and works like any other door handle.

Tesla Model 3 via Model 3 Owners' Club video

Tesla Model 3 via Model 3 Owners' Club video

The hosts also take the Model 3 for a spin and provide positive remarks about the quality, and specifically, the center-mounted user interface.

The lack of a driver-facing center gauge display remains an interesting choice, but the video host claims it offers an excellent outward view and the speed is within the driver's peripheral view.

It's worth noting this is not an actual review to peg positive and negative attributes. We've asked Tesla if the company authorized or participated in the making of the video; so far we've not received an answer.

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Opinions will likely vary as more owners, and independent organizations, receive time behind the wheel. 

For those looking forward to their Model 3 reservation, it provides an incredibly deep dive into the car.

And while Tesla works out its way out of "production hell," it will certainly kill some time and provide over an hour worth of information.


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