Today, we continue our coverage of all the electric concepts and production cars at the IAA Frankfurt auto show, we read through the NTSB report on a Tesla Autopilot fatality, we consider how desperate German carmakers may be, and we ask your opinion on the fate of CAFE standards. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We updated our coverage of the Mini Electric Concept with live photos from the floor of the Frankfurt motor show.

Tesla is being legally pursued, again, by the California new-dealer lobby, again over incentives to owners to sell new cars, which apparently makes all Tesla owners auto salespeople.

We have a new Twitter poll asking you what will happen to fuel-economy rules, which the Trump Administration is thinking of rolling back.

We've covered the new cars and concepts at the Frankfurt auto show quite a lot, but do all the very visible electric cars cover desperation among German car companies?

Series hybrids, in which the engine solely charges a battery that powers the vehicle, remain rare—but a new plug-in hybrid Ford Transit van in the UK uses that system.

The NTSB report on that fatal May 2016 Tesla Autopilot crash is out, and it lays some blame on the electric-car company.

One of everyone's Frankfurt favorites was the little Honda Urban EV concept, which mixed retro cuteness with electric propulsion—for Europe only.

Another Frankfurt appearance was the updated 2018 Mercedes-Benz 560e plug-in hybrid full-size luxury sedan, which gets a notable range boost. 

Finally, the Department of Transportation has essentially told automakers to make their own rules on how to deploy autonomous cars in limited test fleets.


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