Updated Volkswagen diesel vehicles with new engine software will soon be back on the market, but those looking to buy one will have to wait for their local dealership.

Volkswagen will offer the hundreds of thousands of modified diesel vehicles to its franchised dealers first, offering them a "right of first refusal" on the cars.

The software updates to make the previously cheating Volkswagen TDI diesels legal were approved by United States regulators, but VW hasn't yet been cleared to begin fixing and reselling the cars.

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When that happens, Volkswagen's 652 dealerships will be offered the chance to buy the updated diesel cars first.

Hinrich Woebcken, head of the VW's North America region, told Automotive News the carmaker recognizes there is a group of consumers that continues to want to buy Volkswagen diesels, even with updates.

Many dealers, meanwhile, have suggested they're looking forward to stocking their lots with the once-popular vehicles—which will be the last of their kind for quite some time, perhaps ever.

Volkswagen TDI diesel cars stored at Pontiac Silverdome (Photo by Jalopnik)

Volkswagen TDI diesel cars stored at Pontiac Silverdome (Photo by Jalopnik)

However, Volkswagen won't flood the market with the hundreds of thousands of updated diesel cars all at once. Rather, a slow trickle of inventory will occur to keep values at sufficient levels.

Woebcken said VW will "find a smart way to dose it in the right way through different channels into the market."

Thus far, values and asking prices have been healthy for the updated 2015 TDI vehicles.

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While Volkswagen has offered generous incentives on the modified "new" 2015 diesel cars, some asking prices have climbed past their original recommended sticker prices.

Earlier this year, Kelley Blue Book noted that a spike in TDI values had occurred, likely attributed to the buyout offer VW had issued for owners.

The modified and updated Volkswagen TDI vehicles will probably be the final batch of diesel-powered VWs ever offered for sale in the U.S., which has also attributed to demand and higher asking prices.

Volkswagen TDI diesel cars stored at Pontiac Silverdome (Photo by Jalopnik)

Volkswagen TDI diesel cars stored at Pontiac Silverdome (Photo by Jalopnik)

Volkswagen itself has offered $8,500 in cash back for those who want to lease a modified 2015 Volkswagen diesel vehicle.

Additionally, outright buyers of a 2015 VW TDI may also qualify for 0-percent APR for 72 months and $5,000 cash back.

Whether the older, dirtiest Volkswagen diesels receive similar incentives remains to be seen.

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Fixes for the older Volkswagen diesel cars will require more work than the later models already back on sale, and all work will be performed at VW dealerships.

In the case of the highest-mileage examples, Volkswagen says, it plans to scrap the cars, rather than modify them to legal standards.

Audi hasn't yet released its plans for the much smaller number of A3 TDIs it sold in the U.S.


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