Every week or so, Green Car Reports posts a poll on Twitter to survey our followers on their opinions on a variety of topics related to the news we cover.

In general, we get 100 or so responses to our polls: more on electric cars, fewer on other subjects.

In the many comments on a previous week's poll results, one reader made a smart suggestion—one we're embarrassed we never thought of ourselves.

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Why not, the reader suggested, do an article saying that the poll exists?

Many readers don't necessarily follow Green Car Reports on Twitter, and so an article might bring added attention and added votes.

It's a good idea, so we decided to try it. Here's our current poll, which only went live within the last 24 hours:

Now, we know many readers may not have Twitter accounts at all.

We're sorry about that, but building our own polling tool to include in articles is pretty low down on our lengthy list of technical improvements to the site.

Feel free to ask friends if you can vote using their account; we're not terribly worried about the possibility of vote tampering (or are we being naive there?).

We should also point out that we're well aware the results of these polls aren't scientific, due not only to low sample size but to self-selection among participants.

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Still, we think they're interesting as directional indicators for future trends—and some of them (mostly the ones involving Tesla) get quite a few comments and interesting debates.

So, there you have it: we have a fresh opinion poll up asking about your opinions on which automaker will sell the most plug-in electric cars globally just three years hence.

Now, go vote!


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