Today, we've got some auto-industry analysis on BMW's electric cars, two updates on recent stories, a look at Tesla's latest Autopilot, and a takedown of a bizarre Swedish study of the environmental impact of electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

With the BMW i5 dedicated electric crossover now apparently dead, and an all-electric new BMW X3 coming soon, what does that say about BMW's views about electric cars? We mused.

We updated a recent story to indicate the growing city and state resistance to Trump's climate policies, with news of more interstate actions in the Northeast.

Right-wing media has made much of a Swedish study claiming that electric cars are worse for the environment than diesels; we took apart some of that study's bizarre assumptions.

We also updated our report on the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan recall for a faulty diode, which has led to a lack of availability for even the most dedicated buyers.

Tesla continues to upgrade its Autopilot functions in newer cars with the "Hardware 2" suite of sensors; how do they compare to the older Autopilot version available until last fall?

Our reader Rick SantAngelo got a new battery pack for his 90,000-mile 2011 Nissan Leaf; he shared an update to his story from March on living with the early electric car.

A plant that once built Hummers will build electric cars for (yet another) Chinese-backed startup maker.

Finally, a study on bumper stickers reveals some interesting truths about the U.S. of A. Who's mostly like to have them, and what topic is least popular? We tell you all.


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