Today, a road trip in a Chevy Bolt EV that covered more than 300 miles on a single battery charge, Tesla may have found a home in China, work on "quiet car" rules for electric cars may be axed, and Audi confirms its 2019 production for its second all-electric luxury car. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Over the weekend, we ran down the top green-car news stories of last week.

We also updated our story on Tesla extending free Supercharger use to existing owners—the offer now has a deadline attached.

NHTSA rules requiring the quietest cars (meaning electrics and hybrids) to make noise might bite the dust under Trump's deregulation effort.

One Maryland owner of a Chevy Bolt EV drove his electric car entirely across the state (313 miles), and did it on a single battery charge.

Tesla may have found a Chinese production site to build electric cars in the country so they can sell at competitive prices, which imports can't.

Audi's second all-electric car has been confirmed for 2019, and we even know where it'll be built.

The ugly legal battle between rideharing service Uber and Google's Waymo self-driving car unit may now have found its smoking gun.

Finally, if you've ever considered buying a used car from someone across the country, it's not all that easy. We've got the case study.


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