Today, we've got our monthly green-car deals rundown, first drives of the two electric Honda Clarity sedan models, a look back at Toyota investing in Tesla, and a problem for electric-car shoppers. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Yesterday, we reported that Toyota had sold all its Tesla shares by December last year, ending the last legacy of an unusual and atypical partnership for the world's most profitable large automaker.

We also covered a big challenge for electric-car makers: many car shoppers have no idea that public charging stations exist, or where they might be.

This morning, after a quick trip to Japan, we described our experience driving the Honda Clarity Electric and Plug-In hybrid models; our first-drive report compares them to the Fuel Cell version we'd previously tested.

While the U.S. may have stated a desire to pull out of the Paris climate pact, states, cities, and corporations are allying to pursue the same policies and counterbalance President Trump's action.

We've got our monthly rundown of best deals on green cars, including hybrids, electric cars, and more.

It's clear China will soon have many more electric cars on its roads than it does today; what's less clear is how centralized policy will translate into buyer demand.

Even voters in rock-solid coal country, it turns out, don't necessarily reject the science of climate change—they just want political candidates to focus on jobs.

Honda plans to offer a car with Level 4 self-driving capabilities by 2025, according to its Vision 2030 plan.

Finally, Nissan will make automatic emergency braking standard on most 2018 models, including the new second-generation Leaf electric car it hasn't yet revealed.


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