Today, our readers weigh in on Volkswagen's claim that it will outdo Tesla, we look at jobs created by fuel-economy rules, the EU gets serious about emission testing, and BMW says that in a few years, you can sleep behind the wheel. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A top VW Group executive claimed that the company's electric cars would "leapfrog" Tesla by 2025. We asked our followers how likely they thought that was; their answers were fairly split.

The rallying cry of "Jobs!" has been much publicized of late, and fuel-economy rules have been tarred as job killers; that's not accurate, and a new analysis shows how many jobs are associated with the technologies that boost efficiency.

The Volkswagen diesel scandal will leave many legacies in its wake, and one of them appears to be the EU getting serious about enforcing test rules in each of its member states.

It's been known for a while that electric cars are cleaner than hybrids in most places in the U.S.; now another chart demonstrates that principle graphically.

A Canadian company is proposing an all-electric utility truck called the Havelaar Bison; they're looking for orders before putting it into production.

BMW says it will deploy fully self-driving cars by 2021, and that drivers of its iNext all-electric luxury sedan will be able to sleep behind the wheel. The Ultimate Sleeping Machine, perhaps?

Finally, the dual-clutch PowerShift gearboxes used for five years in U.S. versions of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta never won fans, and now owners are suing over what they dub a defective and unreliable transmission.


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