Today, a Lotus powered by Tesla that recalls the legendary Roadster, another VW diesel settlement, a look at California's emission status and whether it'll stay that way, and why the Honda Clarity lineup emerged the way it did. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As always, the Renault Zoe topped the charts for plug-in electric vehicles sold in Europe through March.

A San Francisco federal judge has approved the VW 3.0-liter diesel settlement, which offers 88,500 owners a variety of outcomes (and cash) depending on the vehicle in question.

We took a deep dive into the three-car Honda Clarity lineup, looking at where the plug-in hybrid and 80-mile all-electric versions fit in—and, more importantly, why.

Will Trump's EPA go after California's special ability to set its own emission laws? One source says he doesn't think so—at least not yet. We explained why.

Safety is more important than ever to car buyers, so we've rounded up all the IIHS+ Top Safety Pick vehicles for 2017.

Finally, we offered up a new incarnation of the Tesla Roadster: known as Blue Lightning, it's a one-off Lotus Evora fitted with a Tesla Model S motor and a pair of Chevy Volt battery packs.


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