Today, we're heartened by a cheesy ad, we've got details on the Volkswagen diesel deception, California hopes to improve its electric-car incentives, and some owners say their BMWs are spontaneously combusting. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Electric cars are slowly moving into the mainstream. How do we know? A low-budget dealership ad for the Chevy Bolt EV is all the proof we need.

A new book details just how deep the deception went in the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal.

Financial incentives work best when they can be applied directly to the purchase price, and California will try just that in a test later this year.

Vladimir Putin is in the news a lot these days, while Russia is falling further behind on renewable energy as it continues to burn mostly coal.

We got to spend several days with a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, whose gas mileage impressed in real-world usage.

Spontaneous combustion is rare, whether in cars or people, but that's what several BMW owners claim happened to their cars.

Finally, that rumored hybrid version of the Porsche 911, the classic rear-engine sports coupe? Not gonna happen.


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