Today, the Aston Martin Rapide is expected to go all-electric in 2018, the California Air Resources Board reaffirms 2025 emissions standards, and state and federal bills look to ban E15 ethanol fuel. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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This all-electric personal watercraft combines a Zero Motorcycles powertrain with a lightweight hull for quieter lake journeys.

E15 ethanol fuel faces stronger headwinds as federal and state legislation is introduced to ban it.

The Aston Martin Rapide sedan will ditch its V-12 engine for an all-electric powertrain in 2018, the company's CEO says.

The California Air Resources Board voted to reaffirm emissions standards and electric-car plans for 2025, potentially setting up a conflict with the EPA.

The Chevrolet Volt will be sold as the Buick Velite 5 in China.

Perhaps not surprisingly given Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric, the new presidential administration is moving to systematically undo every effort enacted by the Obama Administration to combat climate change.

Existing Renault Zoe electric-car owners can now double their range by leasing the larger battery pack introduced on the updated 2017 model.

Uber shut down its fleet of self-driving cars after one of the vehicles was involved in a crash in Arizona.

Mercedes-Benz wants to use the name EQ for a new electric-car sub-brand, but that may not be possible in China.


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