In broad plan, Tesla Motors has stuck by the "secret master plan" it published 10 years ago.

It launched the low-volume all-electric Roadster, then the higher-volume Model S sedan and its Model X crossover utility vehicle offshoots, all at luxury price levels.

Now it says it will put its Model 3 sedan into production before the end of 2017, with 200 miles of range and a starting price of $35,000.

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We already know (from CEO Elon Musk's tweets, of course) that the Model 3 will be followed by a Model Y crossover, more modestly priced than the Model X with its falcon doors.

And various plans for additional Tesla vehicles have leaked out over the years, including Musk's occasional mentions of an all-electric pickup truck.

So we asked our Twitter followers what they thought the most important vehicle for Tesla would be after the Model 3 and Model Y are launched.

The verdict was decisive: almost half of respondents felt the Tesla pickup truck held the most promise.

As reader Chad Olson noted in a Twitter comment, a "pickup truck will cover the most market share and have the biggest impact on emissions."

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A Model 3 hatchback was the next most popular choice, at 27 percent of respondents, and a Model 3 convertible brought up the rear at just 11 percent.

In between were the respondents—15 percent of the total—who wanted a Roadster replacement, a high-performance, all-electric two-seat sports car.

Tesla future plan timeline shown at 2013 annual shareholder meeting

Tesla future plan timeline shown at 2013 annual shareholder meeting

To be fair, reader John Bysinger suggested an alternative we didn't think to add to our poll.

"None of the above," he tweeted. He wants "a sports coupe: two doors, four seats, sporty and fun."

At the moment, Tesla Motors has its hands full. Among its challenges: getting cell fabrication up and running at the battery gigafactory, full development of the Model 3 for production, and its proposed merger with SolarCIty.

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But if we know one thing about the company and its tweet-happy CEO, it's that the more distant future is never far from their minds.

So we'll be curious to know what Tesla's own thinking on future products is.

We'll likely find out in a tweet.


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