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When we started daily publication in 2009, our most popular articles were about hybrid cars.

Now, our readers' highest enthusiasm is reserved for plug-in electric cars—and pretty much anything Tesla.

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So perhaps the results of our first-ever Twitter poll aren't all that surprising.

We asked which of four future electric cars excited our Twitter followers most.

Of 186 responses, there was one clear winner.

That's the Tesla Model 3, the $35,000 sedan with a 215-mile range that electric-car maker Tesla Motors hopes to put into production late next year.

Fully two-thirds of our Twitter followers voted for the Model 3.

It's the car for which more than 350,000 people around the world put down a $1,000 reservation, effectively giving Tesla about $350 million in crowdsourced interest-free loans.

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Whether Tesla can get the Model 3 launched, reliably, on the hugely aggressive schedule it has set for itself is one of the most interesting questions in the auto industry these days.

Financial analysts suggest the company will need to raise $1 billion or more of capital to accomplish that by the end of next year.

And the launches of both the Model S sedan in 2012 and the Model X last year were not without their glitches and delays.

Tesla Motors production line for Tesla Model S, Fremont, California

Tesla Motors production line for Tesla Model S, Fremont, California

Still, the industry is closely watching every move Tesla makes, even as up to a dozen 200-mile electric cars are now on the drawing boards from most global automakers.

The first of those will be the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, which went into pre-production in February and which is likely to go on sale in some markets between October and December.

The Bolt EV was the runner-up in our poll, earning 24 percent of the votes.

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The next-generation of the Nissan Leaf—the world's highest-volume electric car by far—received a measly 3 percent of the votes.

That car will likely have less-polarizing styling and at least one model with a 200-mile range. The sexy Porsche Mission E concept beat it, earning 8 percent of the votes.

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