After four years, the car formerly known as the Fisker Karma is back in production under new corporate stewardship.

Now called the Karma Revero, it's being relaunched under the aegis of Chinese automotive supplier Wanxiang, which bought the remains of Fisker Automotive after the carmaker's 2013 bankruptcy.

While all Fisker Karmas were built under contract by Valmet Automotive in Finland, the new Karma Automotive has moved production to its own factory in Moreno Valley, California.

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Pilot production of the Revero is now underway at the new California factory, reports the Los Angeles Times.

When production of customer cars ramps up, the 550,000-square-foot factory will produce as many as 3,000 units per year, according to the paper.

To create the factory, Karma bought an unoccupied warehouse, dismantled the idle assembly line in Finland, shipped it to California, and reassembled it in the building.

2009 rendering of Fisker Karma space frame

2009 rendering of Fisker Karma space frame

The cars produced at this factory likely won't be vastly different from the original Fisker Karma last built in 2012.

Some changes will be made to update what is a fairly old design by industry standards, and correct quality issues that cropped up in the original cars.

However, styling likely won't change, and performance could be similar to previous models.

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Karma has a deal with BMW for electrical components, but it is unclear what company will supply the range-extended gasoline engines previously sourced from General Motors.

Some leftover Fisker Karmas may even be rebuilt and sold as Karma Reveros, Karma chief marketing officer Jim Taylor told the Los Angeles Times.

The company reportedly has 120 complete cars, plus enough parts to assemble dozens more.

Fisker Karma owner group meeting, May 2015 [photo: Refael Azi]

Fisker Karma owner group meeting, May 2015 [photo: Refael Azi]

These cars—which have been in storage since Fisker Automotive's bankruptcy—will also be used to train assembly-line workers, or as crash-test vehicles.

Karma will reveal the production-ready version of the Revero, and announce pricing at that time.

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When sales begin, it may give priority to current Fisker Karma owners.

Karma may also adopt a direct-sales business model like fellow California automaker Tesla, although it is reportedly considering traditional franchised dealerships as well.


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