Owners of the 2012 Fisker Karma range-extended electric luxury car got some good news last week: The company that now owns the carmaker has promised that supplies of spare parts will soon become available.

Fisker stopped producing its striking sedan in July 2012 after it had built roughly 3,000 of the cars.

While the handful of remaining new Fiskers have continued to sell slowly since then, all owners faced the prospect that their cars could become orphans.

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Now a note to the Fisker Owners Club from Linyun Frank Qi may quell some fears.

2012 Fisker Karma

2012 Fisker Karma

Qi is the Fisker Coordinator at Wanxiang America, in Chicago.

Chinese auto-parts maker Wanxiang bought Fisker's assets in a bankruptcy auction this past February, paying an unexpectedly high $149 million. It also owns Fisker's lithium-ion battery supplier, A123 Systems.

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After introducing himself, Qi says in his note:

In the next month or so, we should have some good news for the original Fisker owners. Sorry it took us a long while, in the past few month[s, the] Fisker team [grew] from only 20 people (why the slow response before) to almost 80 people now and we are still growing.

For some of you who have been waiting and waiting to get your Karma back in shape and [back] on the road, I understand your frustration. I too have got into an accident with the company show car (yeah, [imagine] the mocking I have got from everybody, surprised I still have a job) and then had to wait a long time for parts (FYI, the car is still in the body shop).

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

The Fisker team is settling and still negotiating with over 300 suppliers, most of them are good to go now which means we will soon have access to all the parts and also means you will soon have access to them too.

If any of you have any urgent question[s]/things you want to know, you can now contact the Fisker Team directly at customerservice (at) fiskerautomotive (dot) com.

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This would appear to be very good news for Fisker Karma owners. It may also indicate that Wanxiang is moving closer to resuming production of the Karma.

It remains unclear when that could happen, how Wanxiang plans to distribute and service the cars, and what drivetrains may be used.

[hat tip: Greg Dudevoir]


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