It would be a shame to put so much effort into making a luxury super sedan like the 2012 Fisker Karma, only to fill the interior with materials that go against the low-carbon ethos.

That's why Fisker and Scottish leather producer Bridge of Weir have announced their partnership for the Karma.

The Karma's high-class interior is swathed in fine leather wherever you look, from the dashboard and door casings to the seats and steering wheel. With so much leather trimming the interior, it's important that it's sustainably sourced.

Bridge of Weir has an incredibly history with leather. It supplied Ford for the Model T in 1910 and has produced leather for Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercedes AMG since then. You'll also find Bridge of Weir in luxury yachts, private aircraft, restaurants and hotels and on the exceedingly expensive Vertu mobile phones made by Nokia.

The company was chosen for its zero waste and high sustainability. Bridge of Weir's leather is locally sourced and the production process uses what would otherwise be waste to produce energy for heating the recycled water used during production.

Waste oil from the hides is used as bio-fuel and the solid waste is converted into steam to heat water recycled from the plant's own 'loch'.

You'll find Bridge of Weir not only in the 125mph, 52mpg Karma, but it will also appear in the upcoming 2013 Fisker Surf. Henrik Fisker certainly has no second thoughts about using the company for the leather in his products.

“Bridge of Weir produce the finest leather I have seen in a car, and now that they can do this with zero waste, their low-carbon leather just had to feature in Fisker cars.”


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