The Tesla Model S recently received its first styling update since going on sale four years ago.

The most visible change is a new, smoother front-fascia design that dispenses with the old car's simulated "grille."

It brings the Model S in line with the Model X, which launched with that look, as well as the recently-announced Model 3.

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For owners of existing Model S sedans who like the new look, there is now an option other than buying an entirely new Tesla.

Unplugged Performance, a tuner that specializes in Tesla electric cars, offers a body kit that makes older cars look like the restyled 2016 models.

It includes the new front fascia, as well as some touches—like an integrated chin spoiler—that are intended to make the car look sportier.

Updated Tesla Model S conversion kit from Unplugged Performance

Updated Tesla Model S conversion kit from Unplugged Performance

The kit is designed to fit all Model S sedans built before May 2016, when Tesla Motors started building the updated version.

The company says the new components simply bolt on, in place of the stock parts, without any modifications to the vehicle.

That should make reverting to the original look easy, something that may be desirable when an owner decides to sell a car.

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Unplugged Performance also claims the kit doesn't interfere with the hardware for Tesla's semi-autonomous "Autopilot" or "Summon" features.

The kit is priced at $2,995, and orders received before July 1 receive a $500 discount.

However, that price doesn't include shipping fees or the cost of installation. The kit also comes unpainted, so owners will be responsible for that too.

2016 Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S

Unplugged Performance is seeking to become the primary Tesla tuner, just as other aftermarket companies over the years have found niches focusing on specific carmakers.

So far, though, the company has only offered cosmetic upgrades, rather than products that genuinely increase performance.

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That includes other body kits for the Model S, as well as wheels and even carbon-fiber front seat back trim.

The company plans to offer similar products for the Model 3 when that car eventually makes its way into customer hands.


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