An electric car's main purposes are those of efficiency and reducing reliance on oil. But as cars, they're also objects ingrained into culture and often bought for emotive reasons, like speed and aesthetics.

It's no surprise that with both plenty of performance and a sleek body style, the Tesla Model S is as loved by diehard gearheads as it is by electric car advocates.

Saleen's Foursixteen--a modified Tesla Model S--delivers a little more performance and arguably, an even more desirable look. And is more than happy to burn some rubber, as Saleen's video demonstrates.

We'll admit to enjoying this gratuitous footage of a tire-smoking Foursixteen, even if laying down black lines is neither particularly relevant for commuters nor representative of environmental bliss.

To us, it shows that electric cars have far more depth than many critics give them credit for.

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They don't signal the end of driving fun, they aren't a closed book to modifications and they can put speed and beauty ahead of environmental piety.

Saleen's electric whine may not appeal to all--it's been engineered-in to provide the sport sedan with greater aural qualities--but the extra speed promised by its new rear differential and the cornering improvements of its uprated suspension should appeal to most.

As revealed at the car's launch, pricing starts at $152,000 for the Tesla and the full raft of modifications, before any state and federal electric car incentives are factored in. Saleen also includes a four-year/50,000-mile warranty for peace of mind.

Just try not to spend every penny you save over a gasoline car's fuel costs on new sets of rear tires...


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