We look at vacation car-rental dilemmas, state electric-car fees, and yet another innovation from California carmaker Tesla Motors. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

Tesla takes a page from the retail industry and opens its first "popup store" to sell electric cars in Santa Barbara.

Who are some of the most grateful receipients of renewable electric power? Small islands--and here's why.

Yet another update to our article on electric cars versus gas taxes, state by state. This time, it's Idaho.

Our regular commenter John C. Briggs muses on the tough choices an environmentalist faces (Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion, or full-size pickup truck?) while renting a car on vacation. (His photos are gorgeous, by the way.)

The electric-car future is coming, just more slowly than proponents expected--and that includes President Barack Obama.

Smaller commercial vans are selling pretty well in sales these days, now that U.S. makers offer them. Could it be their fuel efficiency?

So who uses car-sharing, anyhow? Is it those darned Millennials? Actually, it's not.

And finally, Hyundai has become the first automaker to integrate Android Auto smartphone recognition into a new vehicle.

However, it's pretty clear the South Korean maker won't be the last to do so. Stay tuned on that one.


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