There are numerous electric vehicles with two or four wheels, but here's one with no wheels at all.

The Lampuga is an electric surfboard that's billed as the fastest of its kind by the German company that made it.

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Who said water and electricity don't mix?

The Lampuga joins a growing number of electric surfboards according to Gizmag, which first reported on it from the Dusseldorf, Germany, boat show.

A 15-horsepower electric motor sends water through a nozzle at the stern of the board, providing enough thrust for a top speed of 34 mph.

The motor is powered by a 52-volt lithium-ion battery pack, which has enough capacity for up to 12 miles of range, or a running time of 20 to 35 minutes, depending on conditions.

Charging takes about two hours using the standard 30-amp charging unit, or one hour with an optional 60-amp unit.

The Lampuga can be ridden standing up, kneeling, or lying flat, using a hand throttle attached to the board by a cable for speed control.

The board itself is made from carbon fiber, with an anti-skid mat on the upper surface to keep the rider from falling off.

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In the event that does happen, a leg cuff will trip an emergency kill switch.

Despite the lightweight construction, the Lampuga weighs in at a not-insubstantial 86 pounds.

So it could almost be considered a middle way between a traditional surfboard and more substantial personal watercraft like jet skis.

Either way, the Lampuga is hampered by some of the same issues that affect other electric vehicles.

Finding an outlet will likely be difficult on most beaches, so surfers will have to be content with the relatively short running time.

Prices start at a not-unsubstantial 15,400 euros (about $17,400). Lampuga is setting up a dealer network in the U.S. and Europe to sell the board.


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