The EPA released impressive fuel-economy estimates for the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Indiana professors combine ethanol, and fuel-cell tech in affordable next-gen electric-car battery. One-step Plug&Charge comes to Greenlots chargers. And a report reveals that Tesla may be supplying batteries and motors for a new electric pickup from GM. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is estimated to get a very Prius-like 52 mpg in mixed driving. Toyota, however, isn't worried that the car could cut into Prius sales.

Professors at Purdue University say the next breakthrough in electric-car batteries may involve filling them up at gas stations and changing out the battery anode as if it were at engine oil-change intervals. They have demonstrated a new flow battery that uses a cheap mix of ethanol and water to produce electricity as well as hydrogen for an on-board fuel cell.

Greenlots announced it will sign on to Hubject's one-step Plug&Charge system to make charging more seamlessjust as the company is being bought by Shell.

A CleanTechnica report reveals that a new GM electric pickup could be developed with Tesla.

Amazon has joined the self-driving fray with its purchase of Aurora Innovation, whose CEO, Chris Urmson, led Google's self-driving car effort.

Finally, the New York Police Department has called on Google's Waze traffic navigation service to abandon reporting police DUI checkpoints.


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