The Tesla Model S P85D has only been on sale for a few weeks.

But given its specifications it was only a matter of time before the dual-motor all-wheel drive electric car bloodied the nose of a more traditional performance vehicle.

Sure enough, video of a P85D drag racing a Ferrari has already appeared on the clearinghouse for questionable stunts that is the Internet.

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YouTube user Rego Apps uploaded video (via Car Throttle) taken from behind the wheel as the Tesla races a Ferrari down a stretch of Florida highway.

The Tesla makes mincemeat of the Ferrari, quickly leaving it out of sight despite the Italian car's driver getting a bit of a head start.

2014 Tesla Model S 'P85D' all-wheel-drive model

2014 Tesla Model S 'P85D' all-wheel-drive model

The opponent was either a 550 or 575M Maranello--two versions of an older model that's been out of production for over a decade.

Still, it's impressive to see an electric luxury sedan trounce anything wearing the Ferrari Prancing Horse badge.

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Not satisfied, the driver claims he went on to pit the Model S against his own Lamborghini Aventador.

A supercar of a more recent vintage, the Aventador boasts the same 691 horsepower and all-wheel drive traction as the P85D.

There doesn't appear to be any video of that contest, but the poster says the Tesla beat the Lamborghini off the line, and the two cars were neck and neck by about 60 mph.

Tesla Model S P85D leaked (Image via Tesla Motors Club)

Tesla Model S P85D leaked (Image via Tesla Motors Club)

The Aventador apparently got away eventually though. With equal power between the two cars, two-seat supercar's lighter weight likely gave it the advantage.

While it may not be able to topple every supercar, it appears the Model S P85D can certainly hold its own.

With a factory-estimated 0-to-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, it's already the quickest accelerating four-door sedan currently in production.


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