The Nissan Leaf seems to have won its second consecutive Canadian sales title in November, bringing fuel-free mobility to another 103 drivers.

While down slightly from October's 113 units, this is about what one would expect, given that Canadian auto sales tend to tail off at the end of the year: November typically sees a 5- to 10-percent slowdown relative to October, and 2014 was no different.

The Leaf has now sold 101 to 117 units for the past seven months in a row, a remarkable feat of consistency. That streak may end this month, though; December auto sales for the past couple years have been about 15 percent lower than even November's.

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, November 2014

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, November 2014

Chevy moved 58 Volts off the lots in November, its lowest delivery tally in more than a year, and only about half of the October total (107 units).

The second-generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt won't go on sale until next summer, so it's too early for channel inventory to be running low. Perhaps there was a temporary supply constraint?

Other vehicles with reported sales statistics include the Toyota Prius Plug-in and Cadillac ELR (5 sales apiece) and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with 4 sales).

Ford no longer reports C-Max or Fusion Energi sales data, but we'd estimate a bit less than 20 sales in November. This is based on the ratio of hybrid vs. plug-in hybrid sales for these models in Canada last year, cross-checked against provincial registration data uncovered by Quebec's EV Association, AVEQ. (Thanks, guys!)

October registration roundup

After a stupendous September in which Tesla sold 194 Model S cars–pent-up demand from when its Fremont factory was shut down–the company delivered a modest 37 vehicles in Canada in October.

Depending how quickly Tesla Motors can clear its backlog of orders in other countries, we might expect a slow November as well.

Meanwhile, BMW sold 33 more i3 electric minicars in October, with Canadians continuing to prefer the battery-electric version over the range-extended option by a slight margin. The Bavarian titan also added eight more i8 plug-in hybrid sport coupes to its Canadian sales total.

According to the registration data, Mercedes-Benz sold just nine Smart Electric Drives in Canada in October. We haven't ruled out the possibility of a typographic error, because that's down from 69 in September and 133 in August.

Overall Smart ForTwo sales were fairly steady in September and October (247 vs 217) and we wouldn't expect such a dramatic swing in consumer preference, even with the expiry of dealer rebates.

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We've sent a query to Mercedes asking if they were supply-constrained, but hadn't received a reply at the time of writing.

The Kia Soul EV followed its 10-unit September debut with a further 6 sales in October.

AVEQ had previously reported that Canada was given a first allotment of 100 Soul EVs (with 70 destined for Quebec), so we'll see if the trapezoidal transporter succeeds in standing out in Canada's now-crowded plug-in electric vehicle market.

Finally, GM sold another two Chevy Spark EVs to fleet customers, one more Ford Focus Electric made its way onto Canadian roads. Hyundai also announced that its Tucson Fuel Cell crossover utility vehicle would be available for lease in Canada early next year.

While we haven't included fuel-cell cars in our plug-in electric vehicle sales table, we'll keep readers posted if we hear anything about Hyundai's early-adopter uptake up north.)


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