Today's news includes the much-anticipated unveiling of the Tesla "D" all-wheel drive Model S electric car and its "Autopilot" feature, as well as Chrysler's announcement of a plug-in hybrid minivan, and the restart of the Department of Energy loan program that funded Tesla and Fisker. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Only rumors prove largely accurate as Tesla unveils the all-wheel drive Model S "D" and "Autopilot" driver-assist.

The 2015 Subaru Impreza gets a boost in fuel economy. Now rated at 31 mpg combined, it remains the most fuel-efficient all-wheel drive car sold in the U.S.

Chrysler says it will launch a plug-in hybrid minivan late next year.

A Ford compact pickup truck may be coming back after all, but will it be sized like the departed Ranger, or larger?

The Department of Energy loan program that funded Tesla and Fisker is restarting, and it looks like aluminum maker Alcoa is in line for a loan.

A veggie-diesel Mercedes-Benz 190 inspires a bad rap video. A really bad, NSFW, rap video.

Looking to cut your emissions for transport by walking more? Find out which cities are ranked the safest for pedestrians.

Finally, a new study offers some scenarios for transportation in the year 2030. It claims there will be more mass transit--but no flying cars.


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