This black Mercedes 190 is far from the first Mercedes-Benz diesel car converted to run on used cooking oil--but it's probably the first to get its own rap song.

This (NSFW) rap video was created by a Norwegian duo who apparently love the Mercedes 190 and also love fuel made from the same stuff used to make french fries.

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Calling themselves The Mighty 190, the two biodiesel enthusiasts pay tribute to their namesake car in typical music-video fashion, with scantily-clad women and stacks of cash.

Cash saved by not having to pay for fuel, that is.

Mercedes-Benz 190 D BlueEfficiency, based on 1992 Mercedes 190 E 2.6 diesel

Mercedes-Benz 190 D BlueEfficiency, based on 1992 Mercedes 190 E 2.6 diesel

Normally, a small diesel sedan that went out of production over 20 years ago doesn't get this kind of attention.

The Mighty 190 released their first diesel-inspired video in 2012, but apparently didn't quite get the point across with that one.

Showing exactly what this grease-fueled Benz is capable of, The Mighty 190 also send a BMW mechanic running scared, and execute the seemingly-inevitable burnout.

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Because what's the point of saving money and cutting emissions if you can't loudly destroy a few tires while doing it?

Note that some of the language in this video is not suitable for work, and some of the imagery may fall into that category as well. Watch it when you get home for a good laugh.


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