Today on Green Car Reports: Our resident Tesla Model S owner weighs in on the BMW i3, we learn more about the upcoming all-new Smart ForTwo minicar, and we offer advice on the best way to ride long distances on electric motorcycles. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

How does a Tesla Model S driver assess the BMW i3 hatchback? David Noland offers his opinions on the new electric BMW.

An official video shows off more of the all-new Smart ForTwo (and a Smart ForFour we may not see in North America).

Want to ride some of the best biker roads in the U.S.--electrically? Our writer Ben Rich did, and he's got some advice for you.

Volvo is expanding its new line of high-output four-cylinder engines with a plug-in hybrid variant it calls the T8 "Twin Engine."

You might not imagine that a Mazda Miata could beat a Tesla Model S on the track--but this one did, and we've got the video to prove it.

Meanwhile, a skeptical German journalist bought a BMW i3, and liked it more than he expected. We tell you why.

Could Tesla possibly rank LAST in customer satisfaction? Well, sort of--we explain the odd result.

And finally, the futuristic parking system at a German airport may be a prototype for your own parking in years to come.


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