Daimler's Smart brand has spent the last few years releasing concepts that preview the look of its next-generation city car, but the car itself has remained frustratingly under wraps.

Now we've got our best look yet at the form of the new cars, in an official video from Smart itself.

The video explores the design process behind the new Fortwo and Forfour--so named for their two- and four-seat layouts.

Unsurprisingly, the video makes big of signature Smart features like the 'Tridion' safety cell and small footprint, though elements from every concept car shown over the last few years make their way into the new cars.

That starts with 2011's Smart Forvision, the company's first hint that a new model was on the way.

Smart followed that up with the 2011 Forspeed--a roadster-style design with electric drive--the 2012 For-us, a pickup concept aimed at U.S. buyers; the ForStars concept and the 2013 Smart Fourjoy.

Various design touches, from a curvier form to hexagonal design elements and a new two-box profile, have all evolved from concept to reality, and all will be signature elements of the new car.

We've seen other hints at the car's design too, from disguised prototypes testing in snowy conditions to the car's French cousin, Renault's Twingo.

The Fortwo and Forfour's engines will be shared with Renault, which means a choice of small-capacity naturally-aspirated and turbocharged units. For the first time, a full manual transmission will be available, as well as an optional dual-clutch gearbox.

Smart confirmed back in May that the cars' official debuts will be this month--so we can expect to see the two- and four-seat city cars in their final form over the next few weeks.


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