What kind of taxis do you ride in? Battered old Crown Vics? High-mileage Toyota Priuses or Ford Escape Hybrids?

Our bet is that unless you've recently spent some time in Norway, you haven't ridden in a Tesla taxi.

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Given that country's huge incentives for purchasing and operating battery-electric cars, perhaps the luxury sedan was a natural.

Tesla Model S taxi in Oslo, Norway [photo: Andrew Henderson]

Tesla Model S taxi in Oslo, Norway [photo: Andrew Henderson]

It's a five-door hatchback, making it easier to stow even large items or multiple suitcases on airport runs.

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It's smooth, quiet, relatively spacious in back--and the acceleration lets taxi drivers drive like...well, taxi drivers.

Not to mention the low operating costs and the large battery that provides a full day's run without the need to recharge.

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Our reader Andrew Henderson sent us three photos of actual Tesla Model S taxis on the street in Oslo--and what it's like from the back seat.

The fourth photo comes from the Tesla Motors Club, that source of almost everything related to the Silicon Valley startup electric-car maker.

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So on a summer Friday, sit back and imagine what it would be like if every taxi you ever rode in were a Tesla.



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