Fans of Tesla Motors, its CEO Elon Musk, and the Tesla Model S electric car are some of the most ... errrrmmmm ... dedicated advocates for the company and its products that you'll find.

And loud, well-known stock commentator Jim Cramer learned that, apparently to his dismay, when he recently ran afoul of those same Tesla supporters.

It all started when he distributed a photo of 2014 BMW i3 electric cars that had been posted to Facebook on June 8 by Silicon Valley electric-car commentator Anton Wahlman.

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"Outside the most Tesla-dense coffee/breakfast coffee shop in the whole world: A new King is born," read Wahlman's sardonic caption.

Tesla Model S cars parked on Santana Row, San Jose, CA, April 2013 [photo: Anton Wahlman]

Tesla Model S cars parked on Santana Row, San Jose, CA, April 2013 [photo: Anton Wahlman]

"The rows and rows of Teslas suddenly disappeared like wide ties and lapels from 1974. 1,700 pounds and $30,000 less, this is the new automotive fashion."

Cramer tweeted the photo. Then all Hell broke loose.

"The provocation pretty much derailed my whole Twitter feed as follower after follower denied that the BMW i3 could ever supplant the Tesla," Cramer wrote a post on The Street. "The most common refrains? Hideous. Impractical. Laughable."

The TV personality opens with an attempt to explain his intentions: "I didn't mean anything by it. I wasn't trying to provoke a fight or instigate an insurrection or start a jihad against myself," he writes rather plaintively.

"I simply wanted to post a picture of a parking lot that had some BMW i3s where at one time Teslas might have ruled the roost."

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Then he goes on to note that Wahlman was among the first people to highlight the strong acceptance of the Tesla Model S in Silicon Valley, so perhaps his thoughts might be worth paying attention to.

We have to admit we rather sympathize with Cramer, an unusual position for us given his vocal volume on any TV sets we happen to pass.

But Green Car Reports too has occasionally been pilloried by those same Tesla fans for being insufficiently supportive of the best, the smartest, the most disruptive, and the generally most-awesome-ever carmaker in the history of civilization.

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From early indications, however, the growing legions of BMW i3 owners and advocates--the company sold a remarkable 330 i3 electric cars in its very first partial month on the market--may prove equally as passionate.

Which should make the next few years quite interesting to watch.


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