Today on Green Car Reports: Tesla Motors delivers the first right-hand drive Model S electric cars to U.K. customers, some insight into 2014 BMW i3 buyers, and Toyota announces a start date for fuel-cell production. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Look back on our biggest stories from last week with the Week in Reverse.

Will new EPA emissions rules only hasten coal's inevitable death?

Right-hand drive Tesla Model S electric cars are delivered to the first buyers in the U.K.

The not-so-harmless trend of Smart tipping continues in San Francisco.

Buyers of the 2014 BMW i3 are mostly new to the brand, but i8 plug-in hybrid buyers aren't.

Toyota says it will start fuel cell production in December, ahead of its fuel-cell vehicle's 2015 launch.

The record for most electric vehicles in one location is broken again, with 507 cars counted at a parade and rally in Stuttgart, Germany.

Researchers are now building a mock city in Michigan where robotic cars will drive... and ideally, not crash.

A new report lists the most popular used vehicles of 2014. Is your car among them?

Finally, parent company Toyota rules out a Scion FR-S hybrid.


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