Some trends are harmless: think hula hoops.

Some trends don't hold up well in the harsh glare of history: think acid-washed jeans.

And some trends constitute felony vandalism: think Smart tipping.

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aug 2013

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aug 2013

After an outbreak in early April in which three Smart cars were turned over, another pair of Smart ForTwos was reported by NBC Bay Area to have been tipped on their sides or ends in tony San Francisco neighborhoods over the weekend.

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One Smart minicar in each of two areas--Cole Valley and Twin Peaks--was reported at wee hours of the morning to have been overturned while parked on the street.

The NBC affiliate didn't have any photos of the new outbreak of vandalism, but its photo gallery of the April incidents indicates the extent of the potential damage--which likely included scratches in the paint, dents in the body panels, and broken trim.

The two-seat cars, less than 10 feet long, are popular in crowded and hilly San Francisco because they can park in smaller spaces than any other vehicle sold in the country.

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The curb weight of a U.S.-specification 2014 Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe (the three-door hatchback) is roughly 1,800 pounds, making it the lightest car on the market.


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