Today on Green Car Reports: Two mid-size cars get updates at the New York Auto Show, Snopes debunks a conspiracy about the Volkswagen XL1, and Mercedes' U.S. boss fires a salvo at Tesla. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Where do U.S. electric cars save money the quickest? Find out here.

BMW has updated its X5 eDrive concept--it's getting closer and closer to production.

Perhaps you're a fan of diesels--good news, in that case, as Audi is bringing a TDI Sportback to the U.S.

Volvo is launching a gasoline plug-in hybrid V60... but only in China, for now.

Hyundai has redesigned its Sonata for 2015, with more sophisticated looks and better equipment. Read about it here.

Not one to be left out, Toyota has worked on its own midsize sedan for 2015, with the revised Camry.

Step a class down and Volkswagen has also revised one of its models--the Jetta gets an update for 2015 in New York.

Another popular compact, the Ford Focus, gets a restyle and a new 1.0-liter Ecoboost engine.

Some people claim the VW XL1 super-eco-car is being kept from the U.S. because it's too economical. Here's why that isn't true.

Mercedes' U.S. boss has taken a shot at Tesla, suggesting it isn't ready for competition from the big luxury brands.

Still, some people like the Model S--tuner Saleen, for one.

Joining the 2015 revisions party, MINI's popular Countryman has been reworked, making its debut in New York.

Finally, Ferrari seems to be working on an even hotter version of its LaFerrari hybrid supercar--the LaFerrari XX.


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